M.A.C. Cosmetics

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 6 - Consumer Decision Making

The decision of a consumer is affected individually, culturally, socially and psychologically, when buying M.A.C. products. Consumer decision-making process is the process we go through when we decide to purchase something. A decision-making process like this can be described as five different stages: Consumers need to make a recognition of the brand M.A.C. Cosmetics first. Then, they need to do a research for the information about the M.A.C. Cosmetics. By doing the research for the information of the product, they have been successful and satisfied when purchasing the product. Moreover, the word-of-mouth strategy is favoring in retaining the M.A.C. market. The name itself promotes to the consumers evaluation of the product. Consumers buy this product unplanned initially and they are not making a mistake on the quality and the product appealing to them. Post-purchase of M.A.C. Cosmetics has always been the right decision they are making on the money they are spending for that product. Therefore, customer loyalty is gained. For example: A dual compact which has both foundation and powder, can make the skin smooth and flawless as compared to a lower price product of a lower quality. Consumers trust recommendations from their real friends as seen in the statistics chart.

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