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M.A.C. Cosmetics

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Corporate Irresponsibility - Toyota

Toyota, a reputed Japanese, world market, automaking company has a history of a longstanding reputation not only for business prowess but also for social responsibility. But, these days, Toyota is facing the unbearable heaviness of being exposed as just another bad automaker who is not socially responsible for their customers lives. The company knew that the defective gas pedals for years and had hidden the existence of tests that would be harmful to its legal position and claimed key material was difficult to get at its headquarters in Japan. It has withheld potentially damaging documents and refused to release data stored electronically in its vehicles. This resulted in a sharp drop in buyers confidence when purchasing Toyotas. Toyota now faces nearly 100 federal wrongful death and injury lawsuits by victims who blame their crashes on sudden acceleration. Toyota hid the existence of its roof strength tests in numerous cases. For example: In California, two women were left paralyzed by separate Toyota rollover crashes and they filed a lawsuit against Toyota, that recently uncovered company documents with sworn testimony by Toyota officials that the company had no written standard for how far vehicle roofs could be crushed. Toyota has behaved unethically and immorally affecting a huge impact on their brand image.

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