M.A.C. Cosmetics

M.A.C. Cosmetics

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 3 - Ethics and Social Responsibility 2

A.C.'s and Rodarte apology on "Juarez" makeup line:

M.A.C. Cosmetics and high fashion designer Rodarte teamed up to release a new line of make up called “Juarez” for September 2010. However, upon release they were swarmed with criticism, not from human rights activists but first from fashion critics and bloggers. According, to M.A.C. and Rodarte cosmetic line creators, "Juarez" was inspired by the beauty and struggles of women living in Juarez. The inspiration of this line came from a road trip that several fashion designers took through Texas and the Southwest. The cosmetics product names included "Ju├írez," "Bordertown," "Sleepless", "Ghost Town," and "Factory." The names were to be paired with pale nail colors and bloodstained eye shadows. Sleepless was "inspired" by the thousands of women who trek to work early in the mornings in hopes to provide for their families. "Factory" was meant to catch the hardworking spirit of these women working unthinkable hours in the maquiladoras with a glamorized pail mint colored nail polish. These names, referenced the lives of the residents of Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican city on the Texas border that is consistently making headlines because of rampant violence and poverty and huge amounts of bloodshed that goes on in towns on the US-Mexico border. M.A.C. and Rodarte makeup collection apologized and said that they did not intend to represent the violence against women in Juarez. They said the company would change the product names and it is committed to donating $ 100,000 to a non-profit organization that has a proven, successful track-record of helping women in need and that can directly improve the lives of women in Juarez in a meaningful way. Therefore, this issue has raised the global awareness and they are going to move forward in a constructive way to do their part to make a positive difference in that community.

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